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So, each year, I pick a “word” to strive for/keep in mind for the year. Not so much a ‘resolution’, but more of a focus for the year.  Last year, my word was ‘balance’. And man, did I suck at that one!  Whoa, I mean like I suuuuuuucked at ‘balancing’ like, everything.  But, I guess in a way, that was my balance…realizing that life is crazy, but its okay.  So, I think I did a bit of reverting to 2011’s word, which was ‘love’. Each day, I prayed and thought about acting, reacting, showing and giving love in everything I do.  Some days that wasn’t easy, my friends.  But the more I stuck this love mantra in my head, the more I began to really act in love.  It’s good.

So, this year, 2013, with ‘balance’ thrown to the wind…I’ve actually picked two words.  The first is ‘still’.  Throughout the Christmas season I found this song, “Still, Still, Still” running through my mind. And then I went, Oh! I need to be still this year.  I’m talking about being okay with a moment where nothing is going on.  Setting limits on how much I work in the evenings.  Not jamming my schedule so full of commitments that I run out of time to sit and be still with my kids and my husband.  Not picking up my phone to check email or Facebook every freaking free moment I get.  Still.  I’d just like to be still, and be okay with being still. See, that song says that when you are still you can hear the falling snow. I like that, be still to hear. And then it talks about peaceful sleep, and hey! I like sleep too!  But the last verse says, “dream, dream, dream” and feel like I am in need of some stillness to get back to dreaming and wondering (and hearing).  Ok, so ‘still’.

The other word I’ve picked is ‘laugh’.  It feels sooooo good to just laugh! And simply put, I want to choose more laughing and fun this year.  😀

So, tell me, what is your ‘word’ for the new year?

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