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{William} is 6!

Our sweet boy turned six in March! He requested a “Lego-Star Wars” theme and truly enjoyed every second of his big day.  His party was pre-St. Baldrick’s, hence the wild hair. His birthday photo shoot we did in May and can’t believe how much older and bigger he looks from his birthday in March!

willis6-20willis6-30willis6-22willis6-21Corey, the girls, and I ran to the park together one evening for a few quick photos of our six year old.  He tolerated the shoot only due to the promise of playground time after. willis6-1willis6-2William truly is light in our family.  He is charming and smart, funny and silly…he us bursting with personality and always a true joy to be around.  We all love him so.  ♥willis6-3willis6-4willis6-5He was such a ham. Corey and I were crying-laughing at him! He kept striking the most random poses, it was hilarious. willis6-6willis6-33willis6-32“Will, go over there and act like you’re peeing.” I’ll let you guess who told Little Boy to do this one…oh boys.

willis6-7willis6-8willis6-9willis6-11willis6-10Yeah, his face is a teensy bit expressive too…willis6-12willis6-13We love you so much, sweet boy, and have no words to describe how thankful we are for you. willis6-14

June 29, 2016 - 12:40 pm

Aunt Shari - Love the pics! The older he gets, the more he looks like his Daddy. He is a sweetie. xoxo

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