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Welcome Back!

Hello Friends!  I am SOOOOOOOO excited to show you what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks!  Please take a look around and tell me what you think!

I am super stoked with my new logo and branding, designed by my friend, Kim.

Here is a little about the new logo (which you can also find under the “This is Life” tab at the top):

What’s The Deal With The Tree Branch?

Well, when I decided to ‘brand’ myself, I wanted something that totally represented me and my style.  I also wanted someone who “gets” me to design it for me.  Lucky for me, my beautiful and talented friend, Kim is a graphic designer and has had a few photo sessions with me as well.  The beautiful tree branch is what we came up with and here is why…

The organicness (did I just make that word up?) of the tree branch represents my style of photography.  Not only do I use outdoor light for my photographs, I also believe in a more natural (un-posey-posey) approach to the picture taking process.  I like real images.  Real smiles. Real colors.  You won’t see any weird Photoshopping in my photos. Your kids will look like your kids in my photos.

I also wanted something in the logo that represents the things that are the most important to me.  Those things are my family of course, and are represented in the 5 leaves.

Oh…and the grey and purple? Some things don’t require deep thinking…they just look pretty together, don’t they?!


I’m also pleased to announce that my 2012 Calendar is officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  This year, I’m going to try something a little different.  If you’d like to book a photo session, I ask that you contact me with 3 choices of weeks that will work for you.  From those 3 choices, we’ll pick and reserve one week for your shoot.  Then, as that week draws near, we’ll select the DAY of your shoot based on schedules and weather. Make sense?


Now, friends…you also may notice the new “Investment” tab in the Menu.  Yes, my prices have increased. And while I’m trying to refrain from explaining this one too much, let me just say that I believe in “you get what you pay for”.  When I first started out, I was charging a very minimal fee, this was because I was still learning.  And, from these experiences, I’ve learned A LOT. I am confident in not only my technical skills, but my people skills as well.  I’ve also upgraded my equipment to pro-level ‘stuff’ too. 🙂  So, okay…new prices are a little scary to me and I hope you’ll still come along with me on this one. (So much for refrain!)

Also, I’ve added a “Galleries” tab to the Menu.  I am so proud to display some of my best work here and I’m hoping it makes checking out my work a bit easier for new clients.

There are new Facbook links that will take you to my JLP Facebook page (duh! where did you think it would take you?).  Hop on over there and be sure to “like” the page for all of the latest updates.

Oh! And, while this blog has taken on a more professional look, I hope that you will still enjoy LOTS from our little family, as I enjoy sharing it with you.  Speaking of, we went to DISNEY last week! Ohmygosh! It was SO fun and I can’t wait to get to posting more pictures!



So, welcome back!  Can’t wait to hear from you!






February 21, 2012 - 7:48 pm

Abby Miller - OMG OMG OMG!!! Your new website seriously brought tears to my eyes! I am so proud of you Jaime! This is amazing, and you should be so proud too! You truly have a gift, and the more people that get to experience it the better! WAY TO GO MRS. LENHART!!!!!! A+++ from Mrs. Miller 🙂 miss you! xoxox

February 21, 2012 - 8:31 pm

Amy - Congrats Jaime, looks beautiful. So happy for you that you are expanding;)

February 21, 2012 - 9:00 pm

Momma Dar - Love love love you!

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