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{Victoria}::Class of 2014

Another gorgeous, fun, sweet, smart senior! This is Victoria and she is a senior at Hoover High School.  Victoria, her Mama Tara and I had the most delightful afternoon chatting and capturing this beauty as she is at this exciting time in her life.



Victoria says the best thing about high school is the ability to get involved in almost any kind of organization or activity and the worst thing about high school is the drama.victoriablog-4

In her spare time, she likes to listen to and play music, read (another Harry Potter fan!), watch TV and movies, and play with her dogs.


Her favorite movie is ‘Titanic’ and the music that will most remind her of High School is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, because that is the show the marching band played during her freshman year.  And speaking of the marching band, doesn’t Tori look absolutely dreamy with her flute in this next image?!



After graduation, this coming summer, she wants to work at Disney as a Disney princess! Which, I can TOTALLY see!!  Disney friends, can anyone hook a girl up?!

After spending her summer as a princess, she plans to go to college and continue working…she also plans to continue playing her flute.


Ummm….hello super model!


Some things Tori can’t live without?  Her car, because she needs to go to so many different places, music because it is a part of her daily life and her dogs because they are her best friends.


In 10 years, she sees herself with a college degree and a successful career, independent on her own.


Victoria’s advice for underclassmen…challenge yourself. Don’t just do what is good enough- go above and beyond. Also, get involved in different clubs and activities so you can make friends and find out your interests.


Victoria, it really was a pleasure meeting you and taking your photograph…you are bound for great things!  Much love and joy to you for your last year of High School!

September 25, 2013 - 10:18 am

Rose - I truly enjoyed the pictures & notations of Victoria. The colors were so vibrant. Her eyes were outstanding & mirrored the captions written about the photo. A total fantastic capture of Victoria. Thank you

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