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Yay! 3 of my favorite families are finally up on the blog!  It seems this happens every year, I shoot and edit all summer and fall, but leave no time to my precious blog.  Then, at about this time of the year, I finally get around to showing you all the beautiful people that I’ve worked with. Anyway, I’m ownin’ it this year…late blogging, soooo not stressing about it. 😀

Okay, okay, the Towsley Family! Gah! Sooooooo in love with with this family’s adorableness with each other and so in love with these images that will be just as beautiful 20 years from now as they are today.

This is Marc and Kerri and their baby girl McKenna.  They are super fun.

When a family’s love oozes during a session, it makes my job so easy.

And OMG, this child!  She could totally be a model!

Love, love and some more love.

Ok, every Mama should have a photo like this one.  (Call me next year, Mama’s, I’ll get it done). 🙂  Thanks guys, I loved meeting you and look forward to seeing you again!

Next, my friends the Morgans!  Last year we did a sesh with just the boys and this year Mama, Debbie and Dad, Michael decided to jump in and I am sooo glad that they did!

Gah! These boys are so handsome!!

I adore real family photos. Adore. Them.

These boys are so fun and funny and full of personality, I LOVE these shots below!

Sweet Luke.

Big Brother Anthony.  Thank you SO much Morgan family, you guys are loving and fun and so so sweet and I was so happy to capture you at this time in your lives. Love to you!

Up next, some of the most wonderful people ever, and old high school friends, Roger and Erika and their crew, Taylor, Hannah and Blake.  Roger and I were in choir together in school and had lots of good times. He is now the owner/chef of the delicious Bistro of Green here in town (if you haven’t been there yet, GO! Its amazing!). He’s found his niche in the restaurant business, a gorgeous wife and wonderful family, and it was so awesome seeing him so darn happy. 🙂

This!  Again, I love me some real family photos and this is so real (and I’m so in love with it!).

In High School Erika always was the girl with the smile on her face, always super nice to everyone, just an all around great girl.  It was so fun to see her as a fun smiling Mama, just as she was in school.  Erika, if anyone ever wrote “never change” in your High School year book, you can tell them check and mark…you’re still just as smiley and sweet as ever. 🙂

Beautiful babies.

Gorgeous biggest sis, Taylor.

Gorgeous big sis, Hannah.

Sweet baby Blake.

It was Blake’s 1st Birthday, so he got a little extra attention. 🙂

Roger and Erika, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see the two of you so in love, so devoted to your family and so darn happy.  You guys are the real deal.  Much love!

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