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This is life…

As a stay-at-home mom, I found myself searching for something to keep me in the moment, present, content with what was happening at any moment.  It was easy to watch the days pass by with out ever really “accomplishing” anything.  But then I would think how fun it was to paint with the kids, lay on the floor with them and play or make a mess in the kitchen while they “helped” me make dinner.

At about the same time, I realized that these were moments I’d never get back.  I didn’t want to be the kind of mom, or person who was always waiting… You know, “When she can walk, this will be better.” or “After they’re in school, I’ll have time to…”. I just wanted to be present for each and every little thing.  Whether it was putting a puzzle together with my big girl, or holding my baby girl through her nap, I just want to enjoy it all.  So, I came up with a kind of mantra for myself.  When I would find myself wishing away playtime to get to nap time, I would tell myself, “This is life.”  Right now. Right here. Enjoy.

So, when I think about my style of photography, I think about capturing the little things that make up life.  If I can document a stage in a baby’s life, or an expression that defines a personality, I feel like I can hold on to a little bit of now, a little bit of this moment.  This is life…


What’s The Deal With The Tree Branch?

Well, when I decided to update my branding, I wanted something that totally represented me and my style.  I also wanted someone who “gets” me to design it for me.  Lucky for me, my beautiful and talented friend, Kim is a graphic designer and has had a few photo sessions with me as well.  The beautiful tree branch is what we came up with and here is why…

The organicness (did I just make that word up?) of the tree branch represents my style of photography.  Not only do I use outdoor light for my photographs, I also believe in a more natural (un-posey-posey) approach to the picture taking process.  I like real images.  Real smiles. Real colors.  You won’t see any weird Photoshopping in my photos. Your kids will look like your kids in my photos.

I also wanted something in the logo that represents the things that are the most important to me.  Those things are my family of course, and are represented in the 5 leaves.

Oh…and the grey and purple? Some things don’t require deep thinking…they just look pretty together, don’t they?!