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The Mother of all Days

Happy Mother’s Day!  Each year I find myself getting all sappy over this day.  I guess its because I have the greatest Mama in the world and am lucky enough to have the greatest Mother-in-law in the world too.  I also think my emotions come from being a Mama myself.  It so amazing this Mothering thing, and so so hard too.  Its a constant balance, taking care of the kids needs, the needs in our marriage, work, and finding a minute to remember who I am…and don’t forget the guilt, we Mama’s are good at guilt! 🙂

I’m finding myself being more understanding and sympathetic of all Moms too, I’m feeling like we’re all in this together, fighting the same good fight.  I recently finished Carry On, Warrior from the creator of Momastery and loved it.  She says that when she passes by another woman she silently says ‘Namaste’ to that woman.  Namaste is an inward gesture that means God in me recognizes and honors God in you.   I like that. A lot. And I’d like to be better at recognizing the magic in all of us.

So, to my Moms and my Mama friends, and my babies who made me into the Mama that I am, Namaste and lots of love to you today. 🙂

This is my Mom and I at Girl Scout camp, I was maybe 7? Always such a comforter, my mom.

And this was taken on the day of my Motherhood initiation, November 28, 2005.

May 11, 2013 - 4:22 pm

JMorgan - Sweet daughter…this picture took me right back to that time, that day, that moment. (What the hell was up with my hair?? I digress…) We were at Girl Scout Day Camp and the theme was Christmas in July…our troop were elves and for some reason, you needed some down time with me. How very, very blessed I was to be there at that exact second. How many times have I seen you do the same thing with your kids? I don’t have words to tell you how much I love you or how proud I am of the daughter, wife and mother that you are. You will just have to look at your babies and know. (And how much does Bugga look like you in this picture..the eyes, arms…all could be her parts. 🙂 )

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