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{Sotiropoulos} Family::2014

Anyone who knows this family, knows how much love and kindness they have.  They are truly some of the sweetest, most thoughtful and loving people around.  This is Pete and Phaidra and their beautiful children, Georgie, Gia and Yianni…


It just so happens that Phaidra and I went to High School together and she was one of the first friendly faces that I met when my oldest started Elementary school.  We couldn’t believe that we’d both ended up with kids at the same school! It’s been delightful reconnecting with her and we’re thrilled that our daughters are good friends too!


Don’t worry, we didn’t park there for long…


This is the handsome Georgie, he’ll be entering 4th grade next month. sotiropoulos-3

Yeah, he’s a pretty cool kid…


The gorgeous Gia will be in 3rd…


Ohmygosh, I can’t believe I forgot to warn you about the amazing-adorable-dimple-overload this family has! Gaaaahhhhhh!!!!sotiropoulos-6

Sweetie-pie Yianni will be starting Kinder!


So much loooooooooove!!


These are three of the nicest kiddos you’ll ever meet.  They are smart, funny and polite…love these next three images…


Brothers are so weird, right Gia?  😉



And, well, it’s no wonder these kids are as handsome and sweet as they are, just look at their gorgeous parents!


Here’s the one Phaidra, the one I promised you’ll want printed for your room…helloooooo gorgeous!!


Sotiropoulos family, I really can’t thank you all enough for trusting me with your family photos. I could not adore your family any more and am beyond thankful that we’re going through this stage of our lives together. It’s families like yours that make school and friends so much fun.  Much, much love to you all!


July 7, 2014 - 8:54 pm

mama Fleishour - Beautiful! My how those kidders have grown! Love seeing this pictures! As always, the best capture behind a lens!

Love yOU!

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