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Soccer (and cheer!)

Will started playing soccer last night and though it was a rough start with some tears, once he got started he loved it!


We cracked up at these pics…Will’s tongue is out in almost every single picture! 🙂 will_soccer15-2

Um, yes. It was adorable overload. will_soccer15-3will_soccer15-4

The girls got to play while the boys practiced…so thankful for these friends…will_soccer15-5will_soccer15-6will_soccer15-7He loved it!will_soccer15-8Freckles!!!!! will_soccer15-9will_soccer15-10Will and Keldon…such good little buddies! will_soccer15-11

And now, though it is, ummm…7ish months late…Cate cheering!  Because we print this blog and use it as a ‘family yearbook’ of sorts, I have to get these pics of Cate in from the Fall.  She had a blast cheering for Jackson Youth Football…we were so proud of her and LOVED watching her! 🙂


Gosh, she’s cute…Cate_Cheer-7Cate_Cheer-8Cate_Cheer-9Cate_Cheer-10Go Cate! Cate_Cheer-11Cate_Cheer-13Cate_Cheer-14Cate_Cheer-15

Half-time dance…Cate_Cheer-16

Spectators 🙂 Cate_Cheer-17Cate_Cheer-18

One of the Varsity football games was dedicated to the Youth Football program. Cate got to walk out on the field at the start of the game…Cate_Cheer-2

Then, our darling, gorgeous, sweet neighbor and High School Cheerleader, McKenzie, asked both Cate and Anna to cheer with her during the 3rd quarter.  Both girls were thrilledCate_Cheer-3Isn’t she a beauty?!  Such a nice kid too…Cate_Cheer-1Cate_Cheer-4

What a fun season!



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