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{Shankleton} Family::2014

So, in the last year or so, I’ve added the year to the title of posts about families. This is because I have so many wonderful, loyal families that come back to me year after year and needed a way of distinguishing their posts.  Ummmm….how awesome is that?!  The Shankleton family is one of my most loyal friends and it has been such a joy to get to watch their family grow and change.  This year, we did a family session featuring Rowan because he had just turned four!  We met at Jason’s parent’s farm (a DREAM location for me!) and really had a great time exploring and watching these beautiful boys be little boys.

shankleton-1Rowan was a little sleepy to start the session, so he needed some extra cuddles from his Mama and big brother, Noah.shankleton-4

And speaking of that handsome big brother…


Oh Jen…I admire the Mama that you are so very much.  You are fun and kind and patient with your boys and allow them the space to be just exactly who they are. shankleton-14

A seat on a big old cool tractor is sure to wake a boy up!shankleton-5

Love this image…shankleton-6

And a run down a big grassy hill does the trick too! shankleton-7

Noah is like, the best big brother, ever.  He is gentle and patient with Rowan…I love how protective he looks in this image too.


Yes, there were monster cookies involved…  Hey you two, look like brothers much?



There’s a happy little buddy!


Jen, Jason, Noah and Rowan…I really had SO much fun with you guys on the farm.   My kiddos were, in fact, soooo jealous that I got to ride on a two golf carts.  Your sweet family is just the best and I am so thankful to call you all friends.  And Jen, you are going to lose your mind when you see the rest of these pictures! 😀 Much love!


June 9, 2014 - 1:17 pm

Jen Shankleton - Ahhhh! Already nuts-in-love with all of these pics, Jaime! We so enjoy photo sessions with you – thank you, as always, for capturing our kids so honestly. Headed to Target to buy up their entire frame aisle!!!

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