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{Ritchey Family}::2013

This is such a fun family.  I guarantee you will be smiling as you scroll as much as I was smiling while I edited! They are full of love for each other and laughter too.  This is Pete, Sharon, Ally, Luke and Kate.

On a perfect day where they all have the day off together (which, with 3 teens, almost NEVER happens!) they would spend time swimming, camping or watching movies.  They describe themselves as  casual, loving and jovial.  I LOVE that one of Sharon’s priorities for our session was capture that even though they are now raising teenagers, they are still goofy and want to spend time with the family.  So often I spend time capturing new families with little ones, and while this is so important, I love that the Ritchey family reminded me how important it is to continue to capture these family memories with teens.



This was the Ritchey family’s sneak peek over on my Facebook page…I really felt like it was so representative of their closeness, love and happiness…Ritchey-6

You guys are fun. Ritchey-7

Beauty Ally, 14. This gorgeous girl is soooo easy to photograph and has the best laugh ever! Ritchey-8Ritchey-9

Handsome Luke, 13…oh those blue eyes! Ritchey-15


Sweet Kate, 12…Are these are some good looking kids or what?! Ritchey-14


These next two are some of my faves from this season.  😀


Thanks for being so darn awesome, Ritchey Family!  Lots of love to you all!


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