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Rick and Marcia have a way of making you feel like family.  They are warm, kind and loving people that I am thankful to call friends.  And not just any friend, these are Lake friends!  You see, these are some of the great people on our boat dock who have taught me what it means to ‘show up’ for one another.  Rick and Marcia, and a whole dock full of sailors, are some of the most amazing people we’ve ever met…they are good friends and are there for each other in every way.


A little while back, I photographed these crazy sailors, who are good friends of Rick and Marcia.  This shoot inspired them to have a photo session of their own.  Which, was a pretty amazing thing. You see, Rick is usually the guy behind the camera.  (He takes some pretty amazing pictures!)  So, to go from behind the camera to in front of the camera takes A LOT of courage.  I was so proud of Rick for taking the leap with me!  🙂


Rick and Marcia have a truly loving and genuine marriage…it’s admirable, to say the least.  Their love for one another sure made my job an easy one.


These two cuties live on a nearby lake.  It was a natural spot for their session.  They could not be more thrilled or thankful to live by such a beautiful place.


This one makes me smile! 🙂  You two are fun.


Smooching AND feeding the ducks?! Aye-Yai-Yai!  😉


We did a quick outfit change and picked up their little sweetie, Abby.  Abby was the perfect little pup for her photos…she may have some experience in front of the camera…enslen-10enslen-11enslen-12

One of my favorites…


After this shot they said, “Oh! We almost forgot you were here!”….which, as a photographer, is a huge compliment.  Nothing better than actually relaxing and being 100% the real you while getting your photos taken! 🙂


Rick and Marcia, I had such a great time with you two! I am so thankful for your friendship and am thrilled that you allowed me to document your love.  Much much love to you both…see you at the Lake!


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