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Petty Family:2013

The Petty’s!’s.  They are some of our closest friends and though we don’t seem to get together near as much as we all would like, they are the kind of friends that we can pick up right were we left off, when we do get together.  That is the sign of a good friend, I tell you.  Personally, its always really exciting when someone I love so much asks me to photograph their family.  The images from this session are some of my favorites ever, and I’m pretty proud of that.  Thanks for being great friends, super fun and so darn good looking, Petty family!

Hi Baby J!

From left to right…this is Dylan, Todd, April, Tyler and Jayden.

A long-haired Petty boy…I never thought I’d see the day! 🙂

Brother love.

Real-life brother love.

Real deal. You two are adorable.

Can I tell you how jealous I am of these last two images?  I really wish I had an image just like these of my little family.  Heck, we’re practically family…maybe I’ll just put you guys in a frame in my house and call it a day?! 😉

Order these ones, BIG, okay April?

Love you all!

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