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{Pence} Family::2014

After spending some time with this family, you get the feeling they’d give you the shirt from their backs if you needed it.  They describe themselves as honest, God-loving and patient.  They were full of love and fun and we all had a great time at their session.



This is Chassity and Jeremy.  She describes him as the rock of the family and the man of her dreams.  They met in the Army both as paratroopers in the 82nd Airborne Division. They’ve been married for 18 years.  ♥pence-13

Oh how I love real-life-long-time-love…pence-12

I must take a minute to compliment Chassity for getting together some of the best outfit choices I’ve ever seen.  I loooooove how they coordinate, but don’t ‘match’, I love their color-scheme, I love the layers on the girls, I love the patterns and textures, I love the little details like scarves, shoes, hair bows…Love it all! pence-11

This one makes me smile.


And now, let me introduce you to the Pence kids…this is Eden.  She is 9 months and such a little ball of sunshine.  Her family, in Chassity’s words, “sits and admires her constantly”.


This is Isaiah.  He’s 6 years old and his Mama describes him as quick-witted.  He and big-sis, Ava are the best of friends.


Sweet Ava is 8. And, again, I have to share with you what Chassity says about her oldest girl…Ava has a heart of gold, is loyal and honest and has a gentle sweet spirit.


And last, or maybe first, I guess 🙂 is biggest brother Zach.  At 15, Zach is the family’s comedian and athlete.  His mama says he is an old soul.


I have to tell you, Jeremy was so complimentary of my process and the session.  He made my day when he said that he was actually enjoying himself while we were shooting.  It’s always my goal to make family photo time enjoyable…I want you to look at these photos hanging on your walls each day and have happy thoughts of when they were taken. Life’s too short, right? Let’s have some fun.   So thankful that Jeremy and his family got that!


Oh sweet Eden…you’ve got them right where you want them, don’t you!


Such great kids…Chassity and Jeremy, you two sure are doing something right!


Me: “Hey, you guys.  Will you all lay down on this dirty ground for a quick shot?”

Them: “Sure!”

I ♥ when clients trust me.


Okay guys, here’s my advice…these next four images…print them BIG and take up an entire wall of your house with them!


We did a quick outfit change (Yes! This Mama came up with 2 amazing outfits for her family!!) and happened upon the most perfect spot for these outfits! 🙂



Pence family, I am SO thankful that we finally had the chance to get together for photos.  Your family is the sweetest!  Much love to you all!



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