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{Parkinson Family}::2013

This family of 4 is such a good time!  I’ve known Joy since high school and am so pleased to have been able to help document her amazing family for years now.  This year, we did their session at their super cool historic house (last year we were downtown).  They are full of love and laughter and really have a great time together.  First up, Joy and Ryan who recently celebrated 11 years of marriage…LOVE this image so much…


Sweat-pea Lilly…parkinson-17parkinson-14

Big bro, JP…parkinson-12parkinson-8

So thrilled with all of your family portraits, you guys…parkinson-1parkinson-3parkinson-4parkinson-5

Love how this little girl looks at her big brother…parkinson-6

GAH! I know!! parkinson-7


This one is soooooo Lilly…I’m pretty sure we were clapping about loving Macaroni and Cheese (which I hear Lilly could live on). 😀parkinson-16

Order this one on a BIG OL’ CANVAS, okay Joy? parkinson-13parkinson-15

You guys are too much fun! So thankful for our friendship!! XO!

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