crazy girl…lunch packer…darthwill

lenhartgym…breakfast maker…vday party with bug



sick…jake’s 40th!!…amy’s 40th!!!

tall daddy perks…1st time sled-riding…snowbunnies

hot cocoa and legos after…vday ‘fancy’ dinner…1st snow dayfeb16iphone-2feb16iphone-6snow!…and then it’s springlike…reading in a tree

shopping trip…twinning…chain links at my school for st. b’s

superstar of the week…my buddy…bday party prep

feb16iphone-3feb16iphone-8feb16iphone-7will’s bday party…silly cousins…silly mama and will

jedi…make a wish…family pic

presents…more presents…corey and ifeb16iphone-4feb16iphone-9family selfie…who is that?!…epic battle

new helmet…the girls…the boysfeb16iphone-5

April 3, 2016 - 3:28 pm

Aunt CL - <3

St. Baldrick’s 2016

We Belong To Each Other.

This is one of my mantras, one of the things that helps me make sense of so many things in this world.  Participating in St. Baldrick’s is my solid-real-life proof that we do, indeed, belong to each other.

This year was record-breaking for us…we surpassed our fund-raising goal but we also were a comfort to so many people. We helped to spread awareness to many that childhood cancer treatment options are grossly underfunded and helped to empower SO MANY KIDS that they could be the ones to help change this statistic.  Yes, I’m proud of the work we did this year, and so proud of our little William for Braving the Shave!stbald16-jlenhart-8stbald16-jlenhart-2Love him so much…he’s such a helper and supporter of St. B’s, and of my time spent with the Foundation. stbald16-jlenhart-1Cousins who go bald together…stbald16-jlenhart-9stbald16-jlenhart-3These moments with our Will, Sam and Brother Will were absolutely priceless memories I’ll hold forever.  Sam and Will are the nephews of my friend Abbey Foltz, whom we do this event in honor of.  The friendship between these three is, as Abbey’s mom says, truly made in heaven.  ♥stbald16-jlenhart-12stbald16-jlenhart-4This year, all 4 Jackson Elementary Schools formed teams for St. B’s.  Here is Will with his school’s team captain, Mr. Lawver. stbald16-jlenhart-13stbald16-jlenhart-14Listen, I’ve been to 9 years of St. Baldrick’s events, seen hundreds of people shaving their heads…but when our little boy went up on that stage to shave, whoa. I was filled with emotion that I didn’t expect and was beyond proud of this little man. stbald16-jlenhart-15stbald16-jlenhart-20Cousin Charlie!stbald16-jlenhart-11Thankful for our friend, Dan, and his support…always love seeing those sweet girls of his too.stbald16-jlenhart-10stbald16-jlenhart-6stbald16-jlenhart-5Gah! What a day. Thank you to the many who supported William and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  Click here to keep up with the Canton Event’s total!stbald16-jlenhart-7


March 30, 2016 - 3:52 pm

Amy - It was a good day!


A few weeks ago, we took one of the most amazing trips.  We were invited to the beautiful WISP resort in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.  It was wonderful.  The first day, the kids enrolled in ski school to try skiing for the first time ever.  They. LOVED. it.  It was cold, windy and so snowy, and the kids loved every second of it.  It was a blast to get to see them learn. ski2016-6-2ski2016-1ski2016-2ski2016-7-2That’s Anna under there…ski2016-3ski2016-5Cate…ski2016-4The second day we went on a gorgeous hike through snow covered trails. Then, sled-riding!ski2016-9-2ski2016-8-2My pops and I waited at the end of the bunny hill most of the day and had a blast watching the kids come down again and again. ski2016-6Sled-riding day…ski2016-15ski2016-13ski2016-14ski2016-12ski2016-16There were lots of things that made this little mini-vacation great…watching the kids do something new, getting ‘away’ for a bit, spending time with my family, time spent talking with our amazing hosts, drinking a beer by the fire in the snow, that gorgeous hike…but most of all I left feeling like I was fully present all weekend. I was just there. In the moment. And it was refreshing and such a great reminder for me.  ski2016-55This was the kids first real sighting of snow this winter…they couldn’t get enough of it!ski2016-32ski2016-31ski2016-30ski2016-7ski2016-8ski2016-52ski2016-48ski2016-49ski2016-50ski2016-47ski2016-51ski2016-46ski2016-9ski2016-45ski2016-44Epic snowball fight…ski2016-41ski2016-42ski2016-43ski2016-40ski2016-10ski2016-39ski2016-53ski2016-54ski2016-38ski2016-37ski2016-35ski2016-36ski2016-11ski2016-33Loved, loved, loved this weekend so much and can’t begin to thank our amazing hosts for their generosity and for being so darn fun.  ♥ski2016-34

January Iphone::2016

basketball team pics…our guys…missing nana

sisters…a friend who made my day…sister sillies

grown-up date night…fashion show…late night snack

ski2016-5-2this looks like a great idea…shark hat…skaters

skate date…pretty girls…puppy game

love these three…sister love…homework


tower game…sooooo high!!…game day

the boys…number 15…gorgeous sunset

christmas gift…annie!…date night


corey and his girls…mama and girls…CLE

we sing annie a lot now…oops, girls in CLE…kids in my class

cheers to chelle…its as big as her head…sunday morningsski2016-3-2fun at home depot…silly girl…daddy’s “helpers”


snowflakes…handsome dude…snack