{Ally}::Class of 2017

Ally, her Mama and I have been excited for this senior session for yeeeeeaaaaaarssss. Well, okay, we thought time would go just a bit slower until Ally was actually a senior in high school, and thought this shoot was waaaaay in the future. But then, we all know how that works…the days are long and the years are short…and all of the sudden, sweet Ally is a senior.  ♥ jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-1There was lots of laughing at this session, Ally is full of JOY and so much fun.  Just look at that beautiful smile!jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-25I posted this one as Ally’s first sneak peek and said that I surprised myself.  I am just a teeny bit obsessed with Ally’s dimple, so I thought for sure the first peek would be one of the smiley ones. But sometimes, as I’m going through images, I get stopped in my tracks. This was one of those times. This image of Ally is so real and stunning and timeless, it took my breath away.   jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-4Oh hey, cute dimple. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-3jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-5jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-2jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-8Ally is one of those people that you just want to be around.  She is witty, smart and kind. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-27Joy, joy, joy.jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-26jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-6jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-7♥♥jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-9This was truly one of the most relaxed, enjoyable, natural senior sessions ever.  I am in love with every image we made, they are just soooooo Ally. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-28jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-10And then, off to the High School, where Ally spends A LOT of her time shooting hoops. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-11jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-29Watching young people in their element, is always a cool thing to witness.  Ally was totally at home on the court and so comfortable with her surroundings.  (Side note: My girls and I must get to a game this year!)jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-13jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-14So. cool. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-12Ally, you are a joy. A pleasure. A sweet sweet soul. I have enjoyed watching you grow into the young woman you are, and I can’t wait to watch you as you pursue your dreams.  Thanks for being so fun, so easy to work with, and so darn pretty.  Much love to you and HAPPY SENIOR YEAR!! ♥

{Taylor}::Class of 2017

Taylor. Oh my. We’ve been planning these senior photos since about 2014, when I last shot family photos for Taylor and her family. Man, I still can’t believe the time has come already.   This amazing young woman is as kind and sweet as she is gorgeous.  She has a deep love for family and for God and is truly a breath of fresh air to be around. I just can’t wait for you to see these stunning images we made…

jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-1We had one of the coldest and most windy days to work with. In some of these images you’ll even be able to see little drops of rain! Taylor. was. a. rock. star. Never once complaining about the wind or cold, smiling and laughing the whole time.  She made the entire shoot so much fun. jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-2jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-20♥♥!jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-21jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-3She was also totally willing to climb/balance/perch…on just about anything.  🙂jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-4jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-5jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-6The wind actually added so much movement and authenticity to the images!jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-22jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-24jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-7Taylor also has a major love of farms. We did the first half of our shoot at this gorgeous real-deal farm, Tay was in heaven. jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-23

jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-10jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-9jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-8Another outfit and location change…jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-14jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-25jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-13jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-12Taylor, we are all so lucky to have gotten to know you over the past few years.  It is beautiful to witness your strong character, your faith and your amazing love of family.  You have a very bright future and I can’t wait to see where this life leads you.  Thank you so much for being so darn fun, too….this shoot was the best!! Lots of love to you! ♥jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-11


Much like the other 364 days of the year, on Halloween the Lenhart kids like to dress up and pretend.  These kids are pros at being ‘in character’ and absolutely LOVE Halloween. We love seeing what costume/character they will come up with each year adore seeing their vision come to life on this holiday.  Here are…a very Spooky Vampire, Hermione Granger and The Queen of Hearts! Happy Halloween, all!


{Mackenzie}::Class of 2017

This is the kind, sweet, talented, amazing, gorgeous Mackenzie.  She happens to be our next-door neighbor, whom we’ve had the privilege of watching grow from an 8 year old little girl, to this outstanding young woman.  She’s a SENIOR this year and (her Mama and I) just can not believe it. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-42jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-41jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-40We had a blast at Mac’s session.  She has the gift of being comfortable in her own skin, which makes her truly beautiful. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-71jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-45jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-44jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-43jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-70jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-49jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-48jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-47Since going back to teaching, I truly miss photography.  It’s sessions like these that make me really miss it.  I adore when clients trust me with nutty ideas and give me the power to deliver creative, one-of-a-kind images…it’s so. much. fun for me. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-46jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-72Mackenzie is a very talented, athletic Varsity Cheerleader. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-50jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-52Oh yes, this happened… (in LOVE with this image!!)jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-51Oh my, this next series are just so Mackenzie…sweet, laid-back, natural…jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-1jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-20jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-2Mackenzie really is one of a kind. She’s never too ‘old’ or too ‘grown-up’ to stop and talk or play with our girls.  She is such a wonderful role-model.  Corey and I are constantly using Mackenzie (and her amazing sister, Sydney and brother Mason) as examples for our kids.  These 3 are kind, grounded, polite, talented and humble.  We are so grateful to have them as neighbors and friends. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-22jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-3jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-21I had the toughest time deciding on my favorites…jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-8jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-24jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-7jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-23jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-5jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-4From all of the Lenhart’s, our most sincere congratulations to you Mackenzie. You kind soul is a gift.  Enjoy Senior year! ♥ jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-6