Much like the other 364 days of the year, on Halloween the Lenhart kids like to dress up and pretend.  These kids are pros at being ‘in character’ and absolutely LOVE Halloween. We love seeing what costume/character they will come up with each year adore seeing their vision come to life on this holiday.  Here are…a very Spooky Vampire, Hermione Granger and The Queen of Hearts! Happy Halloween, all!


{Mackenzie}::Class of 2017

This is the kind, sweet, talented, amazing, gorgeous Mackenzie.  She happens to be our next-door neighbor, whom we’ve had the privilege of watching grow from an 8 year old little girl, to this outstanding young woman.  She’s a SENIOR this year and (her Mama and I) just can not believe it. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-42jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-41jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-40We had a blast at Mac’s session.  She has the gift of being comfortable in her own skin, which makes her truly beautiful. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-71jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-45jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-44jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-43jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-70jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-49jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-48jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-47Since going back to teaching, I truly miss photography.  It’s sessions like these that make me really miss it.  I adore when clients trust me with nutty ideas and give me the power to deliver creative, one-of-a-kind images…it’s so. much. fun for me. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-46jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-72Mackenzie is a very talented, athletic Varsity Cheerleader. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-50jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-52Oh yes, this happened… (in LOVE with this image!!)jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-51Oh my, this next series are just so Mackenzie…sweet, laid-back, natural…jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-1jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-20jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-2Mackenzie really is one of a kind. She’s never too ‘old’ or too ‘grown-up’ to stop and talk or play with our girls.  She is such a wonderful role-model.  Corey and I are constantly using Mackenzie (and her amazing sister, Sydney and brother Mason) as examples for our kids.  These 3 are kind, grounded, polite, talented and humble.  We are so grateful to have them as neighbors and friends. jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-22jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-3jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-21I had the toughest time deciding on my favorites…jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-8jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-24jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-7jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-23jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-5jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-4From all of the Lenhart’s, our most sincere congratulations to you Mackenzie. You kind soul is a gift.  Enjoy Senior year! ♥ jaimelenhartphoto_mackenzie-6

Sail Camp

Cate had the opportunity to attend Atwood Lake’s Junior Sailing Camp back in July. It was her first ‘overnight’ camp (she even slept in a tent!!) and she did awesome. Of course, it was just a teeny bit helpful that her Nana and Papa were the camp directors, and lots of ‘lake family’ were there too. We were SUPER proud of our girl and her bestie, McKenna!