{Cate} is 11

Dusting off the cobwebs on this old blog for some birthday pics of our gorgeous girl.  Life is busy, you know… Cate turned 11 back in November, we snapped a few pics of her in our cul-de-sac in February (oh, how times have changed), and now in March, I am happy to share them with you.

This amazing young lady brings our entire family so much joy. She is kind, strong, always positive, smart, thoughtful and gorgeous. This has certainly been a year of growing for Cate.  She’s learned so much about friendship, especially.  We have been beyond proud of her maturity and grace when dealing with some really difficult ‘friend’ situations.  This amazing girl came to realize the meaning of true friendship and the absolute necessity to treat people with kindness.She makes us laugh and she reminds us to enjoy all of the little wonders life has to offer. Music is at her core, that’s for sure. She has loved taking up flute with the 5th grade band this year.This next year will bring lots of changes again, of this I am sure.  Middle school is just around the corner and she’s already excited for this new adventure. We are so proud of this girl and so honored to be her parents.  Happy 11th Birthday, Cate!♥♥

March 28, 2017 - 4:16 pm

Aimee - Jaim,

She’s perfection, and I hope she’s ready to become a babysitter! 😉

She’s the luckiest girl to have the mama that you are. I’m in tears looking at these sweet pictures of your glowing girl. And, as always, I’m humbled reading your words of wisdom.

All my love, ALWAYS. xo


fashion glasses…scuba steve…teacher mom’d


goofballs..best buddies…first friday

augustiphone-15augustiphone-1summer Olympics has been on a lot…augustiphone-3hall of fame city…bare-feet dinner…food trucks

tim concert…HOF parade..heading to the lake

play time…good helpers…his sisters did this to himaugustiphone-16we love a paradeaugustiphone-2payback…silly kids…rockin’ out room cleaning

family day…smucker…family

free ice cream…girls help put my room together…night outaugustiphone-17sharing the love…walk down memory lane…cate

anna on the dive…fun…bathing beauties

boat morning…relaxing…their favorite spotaugustiphone-18this guy…

augustiphone-7augustiphone-6boat sillies…crank…happy place

family…the boys…cheerleader

she’s so cute..treat timeaugustiphone-19don’t worry, the car wasn’t moving 😉augustiphone-4pete’s dragon…best movie ever.augustiphone-5grade 1…grade 3…grade 5

bye daddy…can’t believe it’s time to go back…1,3,5

cool guy…mama time…natureaugustiphone-20augustiphone-8my class…cool-off…game

daddy’s babies…bday decorations…happy birthday corey!!!

good clean funaugustiphone-21augustiphone-9will’s first piano lesson…the girls are waiting so patiently

our first time at swenson’s…augustiphone-22augustiphone-10

October 15, 2019 - 12:42 pm

cate - im in sa and im very bored even though theres work i could be doing i just want LUNCH


Better late than never…

Swim team besties…festival fun…will

girls…climbers…made it to the top

lake buddies…lake toys…the boy and his pop

julyiphone16-1julyiphone16-34julyiphone16-31julyiphone16-30i love everything about this photo…julyiphone16-32boating with Chelle…4th Kids…Julz and family

we go way back…smoke bombs…best friends

anna and lily bday…cousins…cate and nanajulyiphone16-2weekends at atwoodjulyiphone16-35our favorite spotjulyiphone16-33julyiphone16-36lots of pool time…fun time relaxing…1,2,3

jump!…anna’s glamping party…party friends

she’s 9!…birthday friends…fancyjulyiphone16-3

julyiphone16-37trip to DC!!..air and space…so cool

it was awesome…discovery…it was huge

kids in front of discovery…Lincoln…what a great dayjulyiphone16-4julyiphone16-39julyiphone16-38

anna LOVED the lincoln memorial…abe…

the spot where MLK gave his I have a dream speech…Vietnam wall…

it has to be done…my girls…reflection pondjulyiphone16-5she loved it the mostjulyiphone16-42julyiphone16-40julyiphone16-41julyiphone16-44julyiphone16-43more reflection pond…WW2 memorial

WW2…near the Washington Monument

the kids loved it all…wow, so big!…will thinks he can knock it over

julyiphone16-6powerfuljulyiphone16-45museum of natural historyjulyiphone16-46first subway ridejulyiphone16-47will loved the dino bones…

natural history…lunch on the street

the white house…we think we saw barack in the window…will’s favoritejulyiphone16-7chinatownjulyiphone16-48julyiphone16-49subway…they loved it all…

then…to the beach!

ladies relaxing…what the kids do all dayjulyiphone16-8mimosas made us…ahhhh…my people

silly guy…love these three…anna and her guys

cate and grandma…love…family photojulyiphone16-9italian ice every day…surfer…the fam

balcony…kings of the hill…surfer buddies

me and my mama…mermaid annajulyiphone16-12me and the mister…little cloud..blue skies

muscle men…waxing her board…she did it

best friendsjulyiphone16-11daddy look…anna and pop…morning veg

beach funjulyiphone16-10more and more and more beach fun…julyiphone16-13julyiphone16-51julyiphone16-50julyiphone16-53julyiphone16-52julyiphone16-56julyiphone16-55julyiphone16-54julyiphone16-57back home for anna’s birthday…skymax…fitbit!

she’s 9…love this pic…birthday dinner

lea!!..happy girl…happy birthday, babyjulyiphone16-14cake time…sailing camp…cate’s tent-mates

anna and sof…will date…sailing camp pick up

cate and mckenna…the whole groupjulyiphone16-15she had a blast…nana…papa

papa and the girls…new boat…we love it

relaxing…one last sit on seaspray…bye boat, thanks for the memoriesjulyiphone16-16

{Ally}::Class of 2017

Ally, her Mama and I have been excited for this senior session for yeeeeeaaaaaarssss. Well, okay, we thought time would go just a bit slower until Ally was actually a senior in high school, and thought this shoot was waaaaay in the future. But then, we all know how that works…the days are long and the years are short…and all of the sudden, sweet Ally is a senior.  ♥ jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-1There was lots of laughing at this session, Ally is full of JOY and so much fun.  Just look at that beautiful smile!jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-25I posted this one as Ally’s first sneak peek and said that I surprised myself.  I am just a teeny bit obsessed with Ally’s dimple, so I thought for sure the first peek would be one of the smiley ones. But sometimes, as I’m going through images, I get stopped in my tracks. This was one of those times. This image of Ally is so real and stunning and timeless, it took my breath away.   jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-4Oh hey, cute dimple. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-3jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-5jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-2jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-8Ally is one of those people that you just want to be around.  She is witty, smart and kind. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-27Joy, joy, joy.jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-26jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-6jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-7♥♥jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-9This was truly one of the most relaxed, enjoyable, natural senior sessions ever.  I am in love with every image we made, they are just soooooo Ally. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-28jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-10And then, off to the High School, where Ally spends A LOT of her time shooting hoops. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-11jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-29Watching young people in their element, is always a cool thing to witness.  Ally was totally at home on the court and so comfortable with her surroundings.  (Side note: My girls and I must get to a game this year!)jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-13jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-14So. cool. jaimelenhartphoto_allyclassof17-12Ally, you are a joy. A pleasure. A sweet sweet soul. I have enjoyed watching you grow into the young woman you are, and I can’t wait to watch you as you pursue your dreams.  Thanks for being so fun, so easy to work with, and so darn pretty.  Much love to you and HAPPY SENIOR YEAR!! ♥

{Taylor}::Class of 2017

Taylor. Oh my. We’ve been planning these senior photos since about 2014, when I last shot family photos for Taylor and her family. Man, I still can’t believe the time has come already.   This amazing young woman is as kind and sweet as she is gorgeous.  She has a deep love for family and for God and is truly a breath of fresh air to be around. I just can’t wait for you to see these stunning images we made…

jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-1We had one of the coldest and most windy days to work with. In some of these images you’ll even be able to see little drops of rain! Taylor. was. a. rock. star. Never once complaining about the wind or cold, smiling and laughing the whole time.  She made the entire shoot so much fun. jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-2jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-20♥♥!jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-21jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-3She was also totally willing to climb/balance/perch…on just about anything.  🙂jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-4jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-5jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-6The wind actually added so much movement and authenticity to the images!jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-22jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-24jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-7Taylor also has a major love of farms. We did the first half of our shoot at this gorgeous real-deal farm, Tay was in heaven. jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-23

jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-10jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-9jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-8Another outfit and location change…jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-14jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-25jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-13jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-12Taylor, we are all so lucky to have gotten to know you over the past few years.  It is beautiful to witness your strong character, your faith and your amazing love of family.  You have a very bright future and I can’t wait to see where this life leads you.  Thank you so much for being so darn fun, too….this shoot was the best!! Lots of love to you! ♥jaimelenhartphoto_talyor-11