{Luke}::Class of 2019

It was a true honor to spend some time with Luke and his mama, Sharon. Though Luke is so much more than his past, this was an especially important session because our man Luke here is 4 years cancer FREE!!  It was so fun to chat and laugh with Luke and his family throughout our session.  Luke is smart, easy going and quick to laugh (a quality I find most important). This was a special evening for all of us.  I can’t wait to see what an awesome future this young man has ahead of him.  Enjoy senior year, Luke!

{Marti}::Class of 2019

The smart and stunning Marti was a dream to photograph. She was easy going, delightful to talk with and super sweet.  Marti is rockin’ her senior year, and has plans to go into nursing after high school.   I have no doubt she will be amazing at whatever she does! Marti and Jan, thanks for such a fun and easy evening and thank you so much for trusting me with this milestone!

{Sydney}::Class of 2019

Oh sweet Sydney.  Syd is our smart, sweet, talented, gorgeous neighbor.  We have absolutely delighted in watching this young lady grow. She is official “rock star status” with our girls, and is still kind enough to be so sweet to them when she sees them.  Syd was so easy to photograph…and I think it may be because she absolutely has no idea just how gorgeous she is.  We had so much fun shooting this session and I loved getting to see the individual that Sydney is. (I also had a super hard time narrowing down my favorites!!!) I can’t wait to see what’s next for this talented senior! We love you, Syd!


{Salvatore}::Class of 2019

It’s summertime and I am so excited to have a few high school senior sessions to share with you.

This wonderful young man, Salvatore, was so fun to hang out with.  His Mama and Dad and huge supporters of our St. Baldrick’s event, and through this we’ve become friends! If you know this amazing family, you know that they are giving and helpful, loving and lots of fun.  Sal started off his session a bit reserved, but quickly was comfortable enough to show his personality. We had lots of laughs and a really fun evening.  BEST of luck to you, Sal, on your senior year (and best of luck to you, Betsey and Joe, on getting through all of these moments with your boy!)