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October..A few of our favorite things!

It’s been a busy month, but we’ve had so much fun with our nutty kids, doing some of the things we love to do in October.

First up, the Pumpkin Patch!

(And, I know you lovers of our kids come here to see photos, not perfectly edited photos, just photos…so I’m totally not stressing about not having edited these images.) 😀




Next, carving said pumpkins…

Trick or Treating…it was a cold, rainy one this year, but the kids didn’t seem to mind…we all had a great time!

10 points to Cate for this photo bomb.

Anna’s bestie, Sofie (Princess Ariel) stopped by.

Our kids always come up with their own costumes and usually start planning their next year’s costumes the day after Halloween. This year Cate’s “Zookeeper” Anna’s “Cheetah” costumes just happened to go together, they tried to talk Will into being a Lion to go with their theme, but as you can see, Superman won out.  🙂

Love these little goofballs…they make everything more fun!


October 31, 2012 - 11:46 pm

Julie - ugh. Just love your family! I want to squeeze everyone.

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