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Ocean Isle Beach::2015

Oh the beach vacation.  We consider this one week of the year, at the beach, sacred.  It’s a week of relaxation, fun, sand and sun.  The kids get to be kids and the grown-ups get to have a little fun too.

So, without further ado, here is our 2015 OIB Top 10 list (in no particular order):


10. Charlotte. We started off our vacay with 2 days in Charoltte.  Our BBFFs welcomed us into their home and made us dinner, it was so nice.  We also enjoyed Anna’s birthday celebration in the city and a trip to the kids museum.  For her special birthday dinner, we got Mexican carry-out (her fave) and ate together on the beds of the hotel.  It was a ‘moment’, ya know.



9. Reading on the beach (enough said). Running on the beach (I always take my running shoes, but this time I actually used them…and it was so delightful!)OIB15-3

OIB15-27OIB15-48. Our kids were so good and so fun…and seemed so big and grown up. Bittersweet, I tell ya.

OIB15-5OIB15-26OIB15-67. The kids (all 5 of them) entertained themselves for hoooooouuuuuurs every day.  These 5 kiddos only see each other once a year. They have SO much fun together. My dad started calling them the “Taco Bell” of the beach.  It was amazing how much fun they could come up with, using only the same things (ingredients) sand and water, day after day.




6.Enjoying our sweet boy in the weeks before Kindergarten. It was also at this week at OIB that I got called for an interview for a teaching job that was the dream for me (I got it, by the way). 🙂  OIB15-8


5. As I said, we meet up with our Beach Best Friends each year and it really makes for a fun vacation.  One morning, when our friends weren’t down to the beach yet, our kids were sitting under our umbrella “totally board” without them, Anna said, “Is this what it was like before we went on vacation with the Schmidts?”OIB15-94. The house that built me.  Many times this year, I’ve heard the song “The House That Built Me” and while this song is about a physical house from the singer’s childhood, it always makes me think of my parents.  They are the house that built me. I am beyond grateful for them and the childhood that they gave me.  Seeing them spending the week with our kids and eating up every moment, made me remember how lucky I am to have their guidance as we work diligently building these little houses of our own.   OIB15-10OIB15-11


3. OMG. We took our kids out to eat this year! At a restaurant! And it turned out just fine! Craziness.

2. Not getting eaten by a shark.  Our kids played in the water, we watched them closely and yay! No sharks!


1. How far we’ve come…I feel like the beach week gives me the pause I need to reflect on the past year. In 2014, just before we left for our beach vacation, we had to say good-bye to a dear friend.  Dealing with that loss this year hasn’t been easy, but it has inspired so many good conversations and moments in our family.  Living each day, being grateful for the ups and the downs, and loving deeply proved to be some of our most important accomplishments this year.


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