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November Mini Sessions 2012

Mini Sessions, Round 2!  Such wonderful, loving, kind families…what a fun day!!

First, my buddies Nathan and Carter and their Mama Alissa and Dad Kelly.

Alissa saw this cutie idea on Pinterest, we made it our own and it came out super cute!

Jeff, Angie, Emily and Ben.

Marylou, Pete, Jack, Evan, and Sammi.

Laura, Eric, Elania and Lincoln.

Josh, Erin, McKenna, Max and Andrew.

Heather, Bobby, Deacon and Liam.


Cory, Siobhan, Carter and Harper. 

Erica, Tod, Emma, Hannah and Robert.

Greg, Kim, Ava, Jack and Owen.

Diane, Jeff, Emma and Ben.

Thanks SO much, friends, it was a GREAT day!! Xo

{Oh! And I should take this time to thank my amazing, wonderful, handsome husband for being the best “assistant” at Mini’s, thanks Corey!}


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