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Noah and Rowan

These two little guys are among my most favorite dudes to photograph and laugh with.  They are both so full of fun, sweetness and personality.  This first one of Noah has quickly gone to my “All Time Favorites” list.  🙂

And this I like to call “The Many Faces of Noah”. Ah! This series just makes me smile.

Noah is such a good big brother to little Rowan.

Rowan had fallen asleep in the car on the way to the shoot.  It took him just a minute to wake up and be ‘cool’ with the lady with the big black camera, but after that, he was all fun.

LOVE this one!

Love these two and photographing them is such a nice way for their Mama and I to catch up with all of each others happenings. 🙂 Thanks for another fun session!

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