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New Year’s Weekend

We had a fabulous New Year’s weekend in good old Cincinnati.  We packed up the fam and headed South to see some of our great friends.  The girls are at such easy ages, we figured we should get a trip in to the Nati before baby boy comes and rocks all of our boats. 🙂

We stayed with our amazing friends, Erik and Jenny.  They were the best hosts anyone could ever ask for.  They prepared the best meals, had the cozyist (is that a word?) beds, and the most delightful little girl, Ella, to enjoy!  It was great getting to see them, along with good friends The Myers.  Our little group just keeps growing and growing. Now, the kids all play together, the girls are all pregnant together, and the boys still enjoy a drink together.

Here’s a little collage of New Year’s Eve.  It’s so great to see all these guys being such fun dads for their kids.

New Year

Cutie-pie, Ella (with a chocolate face from helping her Mama make brownies!).


Oscar, the dog.  🙂  My girls tried to get along with Oscar, but its not easy when you’re not used to doggies.  Anna got to the point where she would bravely walk up to Oscar and pet him.  Cate had a very distinct yell, that became known as the “Oscar scream” whenever the dog was within 15 feet of her.


Good thing Ella loves him.


The kids, minus Anna…


…who was here, and not so much into having her picture taken…or the rest of her jammies on…


Happy New Year!


No better way to ring in the new year than with great friends! Happy New Year to all!!

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