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{Nathan} is 7!

You guys!  This boy! This session! This location!  Oh man, I am super excited about this one.  So, okay, this is Nathan and every year his Mama, Alissa, does an AMAZING job of really zeroing in on what her boys are into at the moment.  Last year, Nathan was all about painting, a few months ago his baby brother was really into trains.  Anyway, my point is that Alissa communicates this to me and then together we come up with the most perfecto location and as a result, her boys are totally into their special birthday shoot.

This year, obviously, Nathan is waaaaay into airplanes.  Canton folk, did you know this gem called the MAPS Air Museum is right in our back yard?!  This museum is so awesome. Instead of treating this as a “photo session”, I just tagged along with Nathan and his family on a guided tour of the museum and snapped away while I learned all about these amazing machines.  I have to thank Alissa and her hubby Kelly for having total trust in me.  The situation of this shoot was unique for sure, I had to go all paparazzi on Nathan, and they just let me do my thing.  So, that’s enough out of me…please enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed taking them!  Oh! And go visit this wonderful museum soon!


Flytastic. Nathan named these picts ‘flytastic’…love this boy.


The boy was in heaven!  😀nathan7y-2nathan7y-1nathan7y-5nathan7y-4nathan7yr-12nathan7y-3

So thankful to you, friends…and Happy #7 Nathan! XO!

October 3, 2013 - 12:42 pm

JMorgan - WOW!!! Adorable child and great photos, sugar! You have outdone yourself! Love you!

October 3, 2013 - 7:21 pm

Michele k - Jaime! This is sooooo cool! What a cute kid and an awesome theme! Awesome job!

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