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Mikayla::Class of 2013

Oh my…it was such a pleasure getting to know this beauty! This is Mikayla and we had so much fun during her senior portraits!  Mikayla is passionate about graphic design and photography, which made her session especially exciting for me.  She has just graduated from Louisville High School (though she also attended classes at GlenOak for the Animation & Graphic Design Career Tech. program). In the Fall she will attend the University of Akron, majoring in Graphic Design.  Check out her graphic design Facebook page here….I can’t wait to see what this creative girl comes up with next! I know you’re going to enjoy getting to know Mikayla as much as I did!

Mikayla says the best thing about high school…
The freedom, and also being 4 years closer to graduating!

The worst thing…
The rules!

He favorite movies are Napoleon Dynamite and The Breakfast Club (I knew I liked this girl!).

The song that will most remind her of Senior Year? ‘Grow Up’ by Paramore.

In her spare time, Mikayla likes to run, go to concerts, design on her own, hang with her cats, take adventures, film videos, and take pictures.

Some things she can’t live without? Peanut butter, her Savior, her cats, and her camera.

In 10 years Mikayla sees herself as hopefully having a job as a graphic designer, working with a company or freelancing, and maybe being married!

Mikalya’s advice for underclassmen:
Your high school years are just the start of your life. Don’t be in a rush to get out, enjoy the time you have left being a kid. Try to focus on all the joys and opportunities you have in your life instead of dwelling on the negatives.

Congratulations, Mikayla and thanks for such a great portrait session and fun time chatting…hope to see you again soon!

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