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{Matt}::Class of 2014

SUPER excited about the amazing seniors I’ve had this year!  Wow!  They’ve all been smart, fun, and so easy to photograph.  This handsome guy is no different.  We kept Matt’s shoot ‘simple’ and hit up the streets of Downtown (one of my FAVORITE spots to shoot).  Matt is a senior at Massillon Washington High School and a soccer player.  His one request for his portrait session? A wall of graffiti.  No problemo (and some of my most favorite images)…good call, Matt.

Thank you natural shade frame. 

Matt says the best thing about High School is being able to see all of your friends each day and the worst is having to wake up early and go every day of the week.

This handsome guy’s favorite movie is ‘Scarface’ and in his spare time he likes to relax and watch TV or hangout with his friends.

After graduation Matt plans to take some time off and go see the world and his 10 year plan lands him ‘somewhere at the top’. 😀

I asked Matt what are some of the things he can’t live with out…and he said, “Oxygen.” Duh!  But really, his phone, the xbox360, and his friends and family.

Matt’s advice for underclassmen is to have fun because it will go by faster than you think and you can only do it once. Also, to take as many classes as you can up to your senior year so you can take it easy your senior year.

Thanks for such a fun, easy-going session, Matt. You really are a great young man and I am thankful for the chance to hang out with you!  Enjoy Senior year, it goes fast…but you already know that!

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