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Margaret is One!

Oh my, I love this baby. I love this little family.

Miss Margaret was here at 6 months, she was the adorable baby with the big line of drool in the photo.  Her parents have actually blown that drool picture up and framed it, they loved how is showed exactly who she was at that point in time…darn it I love photographs!

A quick outfit change. And yes, those are baby jeggings.

These next two are some of my all time faves. A mother’s love is so very beautiful.

I’m so drawn to this image too.

Happy Birthday, Miss M!   Beth and AJ, you should be so proud of the wonderful job you are doing with this precious baby.

September 22, 2011 - 9:32 pm

Shari - Love the one with the mirror where her tongue is sticking out! Adorable. And that last one. Nice job.

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