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{Lindhe} Family::2014

Oh lookie there, it’s one of my most favorite little families!  It is always so much fun to get together with Tommy, Katie and Emma.

lindhe-8lindhe-3Every time I see this little sweat pea she has grown a little more…I could sit and talk with her aaaaalll day.lindhe-15


I am so thankful that Katie and Tommy value photos as much as I do.  They love documenting their daughter grow and I know these images will be a treasure for many years to come.

lindhe-1Look at that little face. These are moments to adore.


Happy! Happy!lindhe-6lindhe-7lindhe-16

These images speak a thousand words…lindhe-9lindhe-10


Aw, hey you two.  Katie, you have the best smile!


And…just for fun…


I couldn’t resist putting together a side-by-side of Emma from the last time we were at an apple orchard together…the left is Emma at 9 months, and the right at 2 1/2…


Thanks, friends, for another perfect little morning together. I just love you all!  xo!


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