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{Kuzior} Family::2014

Meet Joe and Richean! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing their first granddaughter many times, but for this session we got together the whole family!  These two are so loving and have created one of the nicest families I’ve ever met.  They are certainly a couple to admire.


This is their daughter, Katie (Happy Birthday, Katie!!), her husband Tommy and their beautiful little Emma…you guys remember them, right?!



This, is their handsome son J.T. and his beautiful wife, Kelly.


As any family with babies knows…it’s all about the baby!  Little Miss Emma is pure sunshine and joy.  I have been photographing her since she was just 3 months old and love her so!

kuzior-9And here is the whole handsome family together!  I must admit…I get a little nervous about shooting large groups of people, but the Kuzior Family could not have been any more kind, fun and easy to work with.


They describe themselves as being  loving, very close and very involved in each others lives.


This group takes most vacations together and makes the effort to see each other and talk often.  Their love was so sweet to witness. kuzior-4kuzior-5

Oh man. I could not love this image any more.  Emma cuddled safe in her Papa and Ama’s arms with those gorgeous eyes, oh my. kuzior-6kuzior-7kuzior-8kuzior-10kuzior-11

Gah! This session was full of such sweet moments! kuzior-14

Thanks, Kuzior Family, for inviting me to help capture some memories for you all.  I adore your family so very much!  Much love to you all!kuzior-17

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