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{Kruze} Family::2014

The Kruze family is like, well, family to us.  They are some of our oldest and most treasured friends.  My hubs, Corey, and Erik go way back to their days at the University of Cincinnati, and though we are far apart now, maintaining a friendship has been easy with these amazing people.  So, I had plans to be in Cincinnati to photograph one of my old 2nd grade students who is now a senior in High School (what the what?!) (more on that later) and it happened to work out that the Kruze family needed some family photos. They invited me to their boat on the Ohio River for the evening where we took some photos, drank some beers, and then I got to spend the night on this crazy cool boat (Corey was out-of-his-mind jealous).  Man, it was a fun night…love this family.


This is Erik and Jenny and their beautiful daughters, Ella and Reece.kruze-2


Ella is so sweet, funny and smart and gorgeous. kruze-3kruze-4

Reece is so stinkin sweet it was all I could do not to just eat her up!


Erik and Jen are some of the best parents we’ve ever met.  They value their family time like few others.




Sister love…


The sky was way too bright for baby girl…


Our girls think Ella looks “just like a mermaid!!!!” here. I totally agree.


We even got to go out on the River to anchor and snap a few shots from a dinghy…sooooooo cool!!! 🙂 🙂


I can’t thank you guys enough for having me down, and for (always) being the best hosts imaginable.  I LOVED photographing your family and could not be more thankful for our friendship.  Let’s do this again…maybe we’ll invite Corey this time?  Much love, friends!


August 18, 2014 - 3:10 pm

JMorgan - Eric and Jenny, your girls are so grown up and so beautiful!! I see a christmas card in these photos!! Big hug! (Great job, Mrs. Lenhart!! xoxoxox)

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