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There are so many beautiful and fun kids I have had the pleasure of working with this summer!  First, beautiful, 5-year-old, Abigail.  These first few images on the tire swing are some of my faves.  They are so carefree and innocent, two of the things I love most about 5 year olds.

Abigail started Kindergarten this year, her Mama reminded me exactly of myself at this time last year, its sooo hard letting your babies get big and go to school… 🙁

Loved spending the evening with you all!

Sweet Gabriella!

If you follow my Facebook page, I said this about this image: “Who runs the 2-year shoot?  Duh, the 2 year old!” 🙂

We had a little bit of rain before this session, and it made for gorgeous colors and super fun puddles to splash!

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet girl!

And last, my BFF, Emily’s ridiculously adorable children, Eva and Henry.

Henry just got these new wheels and was doing great with them…he loves to go fast (boys!)!

I love these two kiddos so much and was so thankful to have spent so much time with them back in June. My friend Emily is one of the most amazing Mamas ever.  She has so much love, believes in her babies so much, protects them fiercely, and is fun on top of it all!

Happy boy.

🙂  Love you guys so much!

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