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{John Paul}::Class of 2017

John Paul! It’s senior year! Yahooooo!!  This handsome, smart and witty young man sure has a bright future. It was so much fun walking around, chatting and taking a few pictures with JP and his awesome family.  Enjoy! ♥

jaimelenhartphoto_jp-2jaimelenhartphoto_jp-4jaimelenhartphoto_jp-1jaimelenhartphoto_jp-3jaimelenhartphoto_jp-6jaimelenhartphoto_jp-5jaimelenhartphoto_jp-7jaimelenhartphoto_jp-8jaimelenhartphoto_jp-20jaimelenhartphoto_jp-21jaimelenhartphoto_jp-9jaimelenhartphoto_jp-22jaimelenhartphoto_jp-13jaimelenhartphoto_jp-12jaimelenhartphoto_jp-11jaimelenhartphoto_jp-10Gah! Soooooo many to choose from! Thanks again for the fun shoot!

Much love!

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