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{Jake}::Class of 2015

Ohmygoodness!  Such a fun senior! This is Jake! He is entering his SENIOR YEAR (Yahooooo!) at Perry High School.


We started his session in his suit for his ‘formal’ photos, but he was looking so dapper we had to grab a few more in the suit. jake2015-4jake2015-1Jake’s Mama, Lisa, was with us while shooting (I LOVE when Mamas are there for the session!) and she was so sweet. She had tears in her eyes nearly the whole time and was absolutely beaming with pride for her boy.



Jake was so fun to work with.  He was laid-back, happy, easy to smile and easy to talk with. jake2015-12jake2015-11jake2015-10

Oooohhhh…I remember showing Jake and Lisa this one on the back of my camera. I knew it would be one of my favorites as soon as I snapped it! jake2015-9jake2015-8

We made a quick stop at the painted rock at Perry (great idea, Lisa!).


We finished up at the High School.  Can I just say that I LOVE when seniors use their school as a location?  It’s so personal and so representative of their time.  Twenty years from now, Jake will look back on this image and remember exactly what it felt like walking though those doors each day of High School.  Love.  It.


Ahhhhh…Jake…You’re killin’ me!jake2015-16

Jake is a great musician. He plays bass drum and electric guitar.  He rocked that big ol’ drum for his photos. jake2015-17


These last few are some of my favorites.  People really become more of themselves when they are doing something they love. Watching Jake with his instruments was such an amazing window into who this great guy is. jake2015-20

jake1-200jake2015-200Thanks for being so awesome, Jake and for making my job so much fun.  Have an amazing senior year and enjoy it all! I can’t wait to hear where you decide to go to college…any college will be lucky to have you (but seriously, BGSU is where it’s at). 🙂 Lisa and Jeff, I loved watching you with your son, as you know, you have much to be proud of.  Thanks friends, love to you all!



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