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{Jackie}::Class of 2016

It was a true joy getting to know Jackie.  She’s kind of like, a local celebrity.  🙂  People know this impressive young lady because of the amazing example she has set in our community.  She has faced the unthinkable with grace and resilience. At such a young age, she has made the choice to find joy and be joyful.  I know you’ll enjoy looking at these gorgeous images just as much as I enjoyed taking them.

jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-5jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-4Jackie says the best thing about high school is being around friends.  In her spare time she is very social, usually with friends or cheering on her teammates on the softball and basketball teams. jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-3jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-2

jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-1Jackie has already been accepted into Mount Union for nursing school. She sees her future self as an oncology nurse at a pediatric hospital, hopefully, she says, at Akron Children’s Hospital where she receives treatment.

jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-9jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-8Jackie’s advice for underclassmen: “Always work hard. High school is where colleges look to see how you are doing. Also, get involved in as many clubs as you can. You meet so many new people and it really keeps you busy.”jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-6jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-10Wise beyond her years, when I asked her if she had any piece of wisdom to pass along, she says, “Never take anything for granted. Your whole life can change in just a matter of seconds.jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-11jackie_jaimelenhartphoto-12Friend, you are going to set this world on fire. I can’t wait to see what amazing things your future holds! Thanks for such a fun photo session (hope you like the pics OFF of the back of my camera 😉 ) and most sincere congratulations on your High School GRADUATION!!!  Much love!

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