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Hiking With The Family (and my new baby)

So a few weeks ago, I was shooting a senior and my camera broke. Uh, I said, MY CAMERA BROKE. AH! It was horrible, but my senior was super cool (we finished the session the next day) and I learned a valuable lesson…ALWAYS carry a back-up camera.  So, I’ve been dreaming of an upgrade for sometime now, this just gave me a reason to get it a little early!

So, these photos are with the new gear.  On Saturday this weekend we took the kids out for a “Saturday Hike”. They love it, we love it, everyone wins.

My fave.

And just because I feel like chatting….I was SO overwhelmingly thankful this season for all of the business.  I mean, I was pinching myself all Summer and Fall!  I loved every single shoot and meeting every single person.  Loved it.  But.  But, I had really hard time balancing it all. Am I a stay-at-home mom? Am I a working-mom? How do I balance it all? was tough for me and something I definitely need to work on.  Hiking with the family on a beautiful Saturday was just what I needed to feel my “me-ness” my balance coming back again.  During this little “off-season” I’m going to be thinking and planning for some balance for 2012.

Our little pack-rats brought buckets to fill up with “treasures”. 🙂

Will, only happy with his sister’s hat on. 🙂

We ended our little journey at the park.

Perfect. Saturday.





Thank for reading! Here’s to a great week!



November 14, 2011 - 1:17 am

JMorgan - Just beautiful…as always! So proud of you.

November 14, 2011 - 2:29 pm

Aunt Nanc' - Love the pics, love you all.

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