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Happy Birthday, Mama.

My mom is sincere, loving, fiercely protective, fun and understanding. She taught me to be thankful (the key to happiness, in our opinion) and the power of unconditional love. She turned 60 yesterday and in her reflectiveness, wrote down some things she’s learned….thought I’d share…. 🙂

Things I have learned the past 60 years:
*Things really can come back around to bite you in the ass. * Nonjudgmental friends are worth more than anything. *You may never see what influence you may have had on someone, good or bad, by one little comment. * Don’t take it personnaly. It is never about you. * Say what you mean, even if it scares you. *Take no shit…..except from some who you sleep with every night or signs your paycheck. * Laugh. Always. A lot.


Last week, we had a big ‘ol party for her at the Lake.  There was good food, wine, amazing friends and maybe even some dancing on the tables (just sayin’).  These “lake friends” call themselves family, and they certainly are in every sense of the word.  My mom knows how blessed she is to have such wonderful friends and family.  And we all know how lucky we are that she is in our lives.

Here’s some photos from the party and from “F” Dock.  Enjoy!

June 11, 2012 - 8:02 am

JMorgan - Oh Jaima…your photography and your words of love are so precious to me. I love you so very much…

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