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Happy Birthday, Ava

You know how I’ve told you that sometimes I pour over client photos like their my own kids?  Well, this was one of those sessions.  🙂  I love this little girl and I loved capturing her adorableness with my camera.

This is Ava and her birthday was in August.  She just started 1st grade this year. She is so kind, polite, smart and sweet!

Ava is at the same school that Cate goes too.  Carrie and Ava made me feel better about going to a new school with their positivity about the school and teachers. It was SO nice to hear and so helpful for me.  Now, enough about that….LOOK AT THOSE ADORABLE FRECKLES!!  Ahhhh! I love this kid!

Ava, her Mama Carrie, and I had so much fun walking around town taking photos!  They were delightful to work with. Doesn’t this one look like it should be on a box of Wheaties? Or maybe a billboard for something USAish and totally wholesome?  Something, right?


Another favorite from this season. Love.

Thank you Carrie and Joe for having such an amazing kid and thank you, Ava, for being so darn amazing!  🙂

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