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Easter 2014

“Life’s brutal and beautiful are woven

 together so tightly that they can’t be separated.

 Reject the brutal, reject the beauty.

 So now I embrace both, and I live

 well and hard and real.”

-G. Melton


I have this quote hanging in my office and my room. It’s been a comfort and a lovely reminder these past few months when the brutal has been everywhere I look.  But on Easter morning I woke up to 3 little smiling faces at my bedside, they giggled and crawled in bed to cuddle for a bit and then begged to go downstairs to look for their Easter baskets. I had a moment when I was pouring my coffee, looking out at the morning sun and listening to our kids delight in chocolate before breakfast when I realized that I’ve been working so hard not to reject the brutal that maybe I’ve been forgetting to not reject the beauty too.  Easter weekend was beautiful.  It really was.  The weather was (finally) gorgeous, we got to visit with all of our family and the kids were happy and healthy (okay, well…it turns out that Anna had strep all weekend…but that’s the point, right? Things don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful).  Anyway, I was reminded to take a deep breath and just enjoy these beautiful moments that life has to offer.



The kids were thrilled that they got to see all of their cousins in one weekend!


April 23, 2014 - 8:09 am

JMorgan - I love your perspective and your grateful heart. You are such a good mama and daughter and sister and wife…I love you very much. But you knew that! 🙂

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