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Christmas Twenty-Twelve

What a fun few days!  Christmas Eve with the Morgan family and a visit from Santa!

Christmas morning full of so much excitement and fun!  Have I shared the story of the comb under the door before?  Well, Corey’s grandfather used to poke his comb under the bathroom door on Christmas morning, just to make his 4 kids wait a little bit longer before going to see if Santa had made a visit.  Corey’s dad did this same funny tradition to Corey and his sister while they were growing up, and as you can see, Corey now does it to our kids on Christmas morning…and it drives them nuts!! 🙂

William’s one wish this year? A blue watch!

Oh! And this just happened to be the best toy EVER.  If you know a 2 or 3 year old boy, go, buy this for him now.  Its an airplane that you can build and take apart and it comes with a drill.  William LOVES it! (I think Santa told me you can find it here on Amazon.)

And a fun Christmas Day at the Lenhart’s!

January 7, 2013 - 2:27 am

Amy - Great pictures! Love making the kids wait like dad did to us, and Grandpa to them!

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