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Cate’s 5th Birthday Party

(Still trying to get all of my 2010 photos in) 🙂  This year we had our first “big” birthday party for Cate.  She invited both family and friends from school to one big shindig!  And, it was so fun!!!  The kids were AMAZING.  There were 12 kids at our house and they were so well behaved, polite and super fun!  As always, we always feel so very lucky to have so many people that love our daughter.

In keeping with our tradition, my mom and I made Cate a guitar cake for here “Rocker” themed party. It, well, it rocked.



The kids did a little craft and actually sat and colored!


After dinner and cake they watched a movie.  Corey did an awesome job of setting up a movie theater in our basement.  It was fabulous.  Ghetto fabulous, but still, fabulous.



On Sunday, Cate’s actual birthday we started the day with (what has apparently become a must!) donuts on the counter



While Will enjoyed a new box!


And then the Monday after her birthday (gee, seems like we celebrated a lot!)  I got to spend the morning at school with my big 5 year old.  It was so fun!


Cate and her BFF


What a great weekend!

December 17, 2010 - 5:34 pm

Amy - Another Happy Birthday to our sweet Cate! The movie theater was a great idea and the kids didn’t think it was ghetto! Love the traditions of making the birthday cakes. Our kids will always remember it.

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