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Anna is 7!

The Bug is SEVEN!  SEVEN YEARS OLD! When? Where? How did this happen!?!!  She is, and always has been, pure sunshineView full post »


Took these photos of this beautiful girl the other day and it just seemed fitting to post them now.  We are so thankfulView full post »

Until later…

It is with great sadness that I share with you that our courageous amazing friend, Angie has passed on.  She put up theView full post »

Backyard Baseball

We enjoyed an evening of good-clean-summertime-fun tonight… Crazy sky!View full post »

June 2014::Iphone

piano recital with the amazing miss nichole…anna…cate…piano girls grandma retires…first fridayView full post »

May 2014::Iphone

cincinnati…girls weekend…a photo to scare michelle…night on the town grandma’s last week  ofView full post »

Piano Recital

Our little ladies participated in their first piano recital this week.  They were AWESOME! Watching them walk acrossView full post »

Big Bed

10 points to the best husband ever.  Corey has worked on building this bed for a while, and it’s finished andView full post »

April 2014::Iphone

nooooooo don’t make us get ready for school!…will and his buddy sam…pop and will…pop’sView full post »

Spring at Atwood

We took a little drive to the lake last weekend so that Corey could work on the boat and the kids and I could go “View full post »

Easter 2014

“Life’s brutal and beautiful are woven  together so tightly that they can’t be separated.  Reject the brutal,View full post »

Florida 2014

Back in February we took a little trip to sunny Florida for the week. Corey’s parents were kind enough to host usView full post »

We love sugar.

This one is for my dad who told me yesterday, “You need some new pictures of the kids on your website.  There&#View full post »

March 2014::iPhone

Can I just say that this March has been the longest month ever? Not in a totally bad way, just in like a wow-we-did-a-View full post »

Cindy Lou Who

It’s Dr. Seuss week in Kindergarten. (God bless kindergarteners and their teachers.)  Anna picked to dress upView full post »