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Carter is 3!

My little buddy, Carter, is 3!  I am so thankful to be friends with Carter’s whole family and to have been taking his photos since he was a baby.  I’m also thankful for how much freedom his Mama, Alissa, gives me.  She is always up for any location that I suggest and really values real images of her boys.

And her boys, oh my, I know I say this with every blog post of both Carter and big brother, Nathan, but these boys are Delightful with a capital D.  They are full of personality and overflow with adorableness. Another thing that Carter’s Mama and Dad are good at is picking something for photos that the boys are really ‘into’.  For #3 photos, Carter is waaaaaay into trains.  You should hear him call, “Aaaaaaall aboard!”  🙂  So, we went with trains, which means Carter was happy, which equals a happy photo shoot for all.  😀  Happy Birthday, little guy!

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