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Carter C. is One!

I love this little guy. Love. Him. (And his big brother too!)  My old dance buddy, Alissa, has been kind enough to trust me with her boy’s photos on a few occasions now, and I love it, them, all of it!  Here is the birthday boy!

If you know me, you know that I love a good “theme”…well, so does Alissa.  Carter’s 1-year Birthday Party was “Owls”. She did an awesome job “theme-ing” everything together! Here is Carter holding an Owl while hooting like an Owl. Amazing!

An Owl hat!  Amazing X100!!

We also made time for little boy to tear into his cake (with Owl’s and trees in the background, of course). He was Adorable (that’s Adorable with a capital A).

One of my all time faves.  Happy Birthday, Carter!

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