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I get to meet so many awesome people through photography, and then I get to meet their friends!  🙂  I was lucky enough to meet these awesome boys, Anthony and Luke and their sweet-as-can-be mom, Debbie just before school started. I loved them.  Loved hanging out with these kind, polite and fun boys and loved the easy conversation with Debbie.

Anthony and Luke both have August birthdays.  Anthony just started 1st grade and Lukey is going to Preschool.  This photo tells such a story, doesn’t it?

Brother love.

Debbie and I talked a lot about our kids and how similar our “1st borns” and “2nd borns” seem to be.  🙂  Luke is silly and sweet and watches every move his big bro makes.

Anthony is so sweet and a little cautious.  He looks so grown up in this picture!  Anthony is buddies with Ava and goes to the same school as Cate.  Once again, I was so thankful to chat with such nice people, and at such a perfect time, too!  They helped to reassure me that our experience at school would be great.

So, Debbie requested some photos on train tracks.  We had to reassure Anthony that there would be no trains coming through while shooting.  And then we had to reassure friends and family that there were, in fact, “no children harmed in the making of this photo.”  🙂 Debbie later joked that they would be voted my “most controversial” client of the season! Hahha!!

1-2-3-4-I declare a thumb war!  Love this one.

I absolutely loved meeting you all!  Thanks for such a fun night! 🙂

September 10, 2011 - 9:18 pm

Amy - Great “boy” pictures. Live the train tracks. Debbie, boys are just looking so grown up since I saw them last!

September 20, 2011 - 2:06 pm

Kerri - Adorable pictures! I love the train track photos…its a perfect setting for boys!

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