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Beech Creek

Last month, my Gram, the kids and I went out to Beech Creek Botanical Gardens to the butterfly house.

There was so much for the kids to do and learn there.  We all really enjoyed it!

William loved the train.  Can you hear his sweet little, “Choo-choo!”  🙂


So, you had to be really still for the butterfly’s to eat the sugar water on the Q-tip.  Anna was a pro, Cate was a bit more jumpy.  Anna was determined to get one to eat off of her finger (small bottom photo).

One landed right on Will and he knew just what to do.


I love this shot of my Gram’s hand with the butterfly.  One of the things that I remember about my Granny Gwin (my Gram’s Mother) was that her rings would always swing down to the underside of her fingers.  Her ring was the first thing I noticed in this photo of my Gram.  🙂

Is that William? Eating?

This photo WILL make you laugh out loud! I mean, were there giant tigers flying around their heads? Nah, just a few butterflies.  HA!!!

Good times at the butterfly house, good times.

September 21, 2011 - 12:17 am

Shari Schwab - That last one is too funny! I would be doing the same thing – screaming at the butterflies flying at my head. haha.
Aunt Shari

September 21, 2011 - 7:55 am

JMorgan - Love these photos! The one of Gram’s hand looks just like Grannys!! Thank you for these memories, sweet girl.

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