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{Barton} Family::2014

Hello friends! Allow me to introduce you to Kevin, Katrina, Kaitlyn and Kaden.  They love to snuggle, laugh, be silly and have fun together.


The Barton family ‘won’ this mini session at a quarter auction fundraiser for my buddy, Luke.  Luke was diagnosed with leukemia and his family, as well as the community, have been so supportive and inspirational.  Oh! And, while we’re talking about Luke….his family has organized a blood drive at Jackson High School on July 22nd (the flyer is attached below)…anything we can do to help one of our babies…mini sessions, donating blood, sending good vibes, let’s do it.

Kevin, you’re the best family hugger, ever.


Sweet Kaden. barton-5

Okay, true story…as most parents of 2 and 3 year olds are, Katrina and Kevin were a bit nervous about a photo session with their little dude…Will he sit still? Will he smile?  Will he cooperate? I’m proud to say how pleasantly surprised they were with the type of Family “Fun” Session I do…there is no “sit still” and “say cheeeeeese” here, I’m tellin’ ya, it’s fun and kids are my favorite!  🙂  After our session, Kevin posted this message to my Facebook page and it was the best compliment ever!  He said, “She somehow did the impossible and got both children to smile and have fun while taking pictures.”barton-6barton-4

Beauty Kaitlyn.


This family describes themselves as affectionate, silly and respectful….love those words!


My favorite…


Thank you guys for having fun with me and for helping our buddy Luke out a bit too!  I’ll be looking forward to our next (fun!) session! 🙂  Much love!


Blood Drive Info:


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