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{Aurora}::Class of 2014

Not only is this senior fun and gorgeous, she also picked a super cool location, The Akron Zoo! We had so much fun exploring the Zoo finding fun locations to shoot.  This is Aurora and she is a senior at Akron Early College High School, where she has taken all of her courses at the University of Akron.


Because her High School experience is so unique, she had a hard time narrowing down the best thing about her years in high school.  She says if she had to pick one thing, it would be the freedom on campus. When they don’t have class they can go to the game room and play pool or go bowling. And when she and her friends are hungry, they have tons of places on campus, or just off campus, to choose from.aurora-3

Gah!! LOVE this one, friend. aurora-4

She says the worst thing about high school is the procrastination. Because she doesn’t have the same classes every day, she has the opportunity to stall until the last minute to do her homework or even write a 5 page paper the night before. 🙂  But! What a great lesson to learn early…she’ll breeze through freshman year of college!

What?  There’s something behind her? Hmmm…hadn’t noticed that before! 😉aurora-5

aurora-6Because Aurora is a mass media/film major it was hard for her to pick a favorite movie….but some of her favorites include: Anything Tim Burton, especially The Nightmare Before Christmas. Django Unchained, Donnie Brasco, Cloud Atlas, and Sleeping Beauty.
The song that will remind her most of high school is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, it reminds her of dancing with her friends.


Aurora, your eyes are sooooo gorgeous. I couldn’t help but notice how they actually change color because of what you’re wearing or different light!aurora-8

After graduation, she plans to move to California and attend a college that specializes in media and directing. She plans to be on her own, starting to make a name for herself in the industry. In 10 years, Aurora sees herself as a well known, up and coming director in Hollywood. Possibly working on films with Tim Burton or Steven Spielberg.  Can’t wait to see your work, Aurora!


Here is what Aurora had to say about the things she couldn’t live with out…”I could never live without my best friend, Lauren. She is perfect and I love her so much. (And thank you Lauren for coming along to the shoot, you were a huge help!!) But I would also find it extremely hard to live without my phone. I pretty much use it for everything. It is my life. But I also couldn’t live without good food. Food is probably one, if not the biggest, things to me. I love good food, and exotic food. I love sushi and other weird things that most people would hate. If I had to pick a restaurant, I couldn’t live without Chipotle. It is perfection.”


Aurora’s advice for underclassmen…is to do your homework, no matter how bored or dumb it seems, the points add up and that’s the difference between and A and a B. It’s big!

These last two are some of my faves!


Aurora, thanks for being so fun and easy to work with….I LOVED your Zoo-shoot so much!  You are off to great things, I’m sure.  Thanks also to your Mama, Cassie and your BFF, Lauren, it was so nice chatting with both of you! 🙂  Much love to you all! aurora-14



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