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{Arden}::Class of 2014

Arden was what you would call, well, my dream client.  She was up for anything, super excited about her session (my seniors know how hype I am about their sessions…but Arden was just as excited!), funny, happy, helpful, gorgeous and delightful to chat with.  We shot and shot and shot and had so much fun.

Arden is a senior at Jackson High School and when she’s not working on her studies, she enjoys reading, watching movies, going to the mall, and spending time with friends and family.


Arden says the best thing about high school is feeling like you are a part of a greater family. She loves that she has known almost all of the kids in her class since elementary school. The worst thing about high school is the homework!


This is one of my faves, Arden…Arden-2Arden-3

Her favorite movie is ‘Harry Potter’…well, at least until the next Hunger Games comes out, right?  😉  The song that will most remind her of High School is ‘Long Live’ by Taylor Swift.


After graduation, Arden plans to attend college in some sort of medical program. In 10 years she hopes to have graduated college, been married for a year or so, and maybe have a kid…she also added “That is crazy to think about all that in just ten years though! Wow!” Crazy, indeed!!


Some things she can’t live without…her parents and family, her best friend, her dog, and more material items would be her phone, tv, heated blanket, her stuffed animal bunny rabbit named Thumper. 🙂


Arden’s only request for her photos was to find a place and create a feeling of something ‘magical’ and ‘whimsical’… as I was shooting these last few images, I knew we were right on for her request.  Super excited about these ones.Arden-11Arden-12

Gorgeous with a capital G!Arden-13

Ardne’s advice for underclassmen…enjoy it while you can, stay humble, and stand up for yourself and others. High School is, believe it or not, not a popularity contest. Don’t take anything to seriously except your school work. Read for recreation and stay away from drama because it just makes you look ignorant. Find a good group of friends who bring the best out of you. Also, it goes by way too fast. People aren’t just saying that to you. It really is true.Arden-14

Arden and Michele, thank you SO much for such a fun afternoon!  Arden, I can’t wait to see what your future holds, stay in touch, okay? 🙂  Much love to both of you!


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