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Anna is Eight!

Our sweetie, funny, smart, silly, generous, thoughtful, beautiful baby girl is turning eight this week.  She brings so much humor and pure goodness to our family. Like most things in her world, she knew exactly the ‘theme’ she wanted for her birthday party and birthday photo-shoot. She’s been playing ‘rainforest girl’ (gosh, I love her imagination) for most of the year now and wanted to be just that for her birthday.

I kid you not when I say she created this entire shoot, from head to toe.  She came with me to pick out every detail of her outfits, helped me make her flower crown and leaf skirt, just so. I was thankful that she gave me a little creative license in clicking the shutter for these images 😉
So, here she is, Anna of the Rainforest…our precious little eight year old!


See? Pure joy!


These two are some of my (and Anna’s) favorites. She worked that camera and with some fun editing, these turned out so magical. anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-2anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-3

Quick outfit change, and BAM!anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-6anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-7

Classic Anna faces…anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-20anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-8anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-9anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-10anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-11anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-14anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-16anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-12

We love you so much, Anna Bug…Happy 8th Birthday!anna_JaimeLenhartPhoto-13


July 22, 2015 - 10:54 am

Momma Dar - Love love love love love! This post just brightened my day. Her smile, her look, her everything! Thank you for sharing Jaima!

Love Momma Dar

July 22, 2015 - 11:51 am

Ain't Amy - Beautiful fun smiley Anna! We love you so much and all your pictures are awesome!

July 22, 2015 - 12:25 pm

Shari Schwab - Wow! This is one beautiful little girl! Pretty, pretty, and those expressive eyebrows! Love her ideas. Happy 8th Anna!

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